Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination (AI) for Dogs

At Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal, we are providing an Artificial Insemination facility for the last 10 years.

  • Artificial insemination requires proper knowledge of the endocrinology of the estrous cycle of the bitch.
  • Method of insemination and form of semen preparation has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Coordination between ovulation and insemination must be perfect for a successful outcome.

Insemination Process

Artificial Insemination should take place immediately after semen collection from Dog. After that, semen to be transferred directly in front of the cervix or as close to the cervix as possible. The length of the pipette will depend on the size of the dog.

The female must be stood with her back legs behind her pelvis this makes insertion of the pipette to the cervix easier. A dog’s vaginal vault is one of the longest per pound of any mammal. It is up, over and down to get to the cervix but moving the back feet behind the female allows for a flatter route.

Attach the syringe on one end of the pipette and insert the opposite end into the standing dog’s vaginal vault. The pipette should be guided into the top of the vagina to avoid urethral entrance. Be gentle and travel up, then flat, then slightly down. Once the pipette is in place, you will be able to transfer the semen. Then fill the syringe with air and push any remaining semen through the pipette into the vagina. It is a purely technical procedure and needs an experienced hand. In dog clinic and pet Shop Bhopal, we provide an artificial insemination facility for the last 10 years with an 89-90% success rate.

After Insemination, keep the dog in a standing position for at least 10- 15 minutes. Do not allow her to sit or urinate. After 10 minutes the dog can walk around normally, but it’s best if you confine her to avoid jumping or urinating for at least one hour. After that, the dog can return to normal activity.

Storage of Semen

For best results, it is recommended to inseminate immediately but if you want to store, then promptly refrigerate to ensure viability. It can safely be stored for 24 hours at frozen temperature, but in spite of that, it may cause little damage to the sperm’s viability. If semen is not going to be used in the coming 24 hours of the collection, then the semen must be frozen. Semen is processed, mixed with a preservative that preserves it, and slowly frozen in liquid nitrogen. Only specialized veterinarians are trained and equipped to handle this for you. This freezing allows the storage of genetics fertility. Adequate freezing guarantees the sperm’s viability for future use.

Success Rate of Artificial Insemination

The best success rate depends on the quality of semen whether it is fresh or stored. Good results can be achieved with only fresh semen. Second thing when the female dog is promptly inseminated, the success rate depends on the skill of the breeder. When using semen that is fresh and has been chilled, the success rate drops to 45-75%. Frozen semen placed in the vagina besides the cervix holds a low success rate of only 50-65%.

The Transcervical insemination technique is good to replace surgical insemination into the uterus. The frozen semen is visually placed into the actual uterus of the dog using a vaginal scope by guiding a catheter through the cervix. Transcervical insemination with frozen semen has a success rate of up to 75%.

Artificial Insemination of Dog Cost  – At Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal, we are providing an Artificial Insemination facility for the last 10 Years. We are providing services at a very low-cost. For a proper checkup and estimated cost of the procedure, it’s better to book an appointment with us along with your dog so that we can check the actual physical condition of your dog after that we can discuss the cost of the procedure.

Coordination is key to the probability of obtaining a successful pregnancy through artificial insemination. Although time-consuming, well-coordinated efforts for this process are more likely to be rewarded with success. Without thorough planning, artificial insemination may be a very frustrating process.

Apart from efforts pre checkup is also necessary to rule out infectious, metabolic, or genetic defects that could lead to the potential spread of infectious disease, failure to conceive, or early termination of pregnancy. Ovulation timing detection is also very important. Knowledge of the semen collection, preparation, and how to use is equally important for success.

For all these pre-checkups you can book an appointment in Dog Clinic and Pet shop Bhopal.