Dental Scaling

Dental problems, especially when it’s severe, can be considered very painful for dogs. Keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy will help prevent the oral problem. Proper oral care in dogs is very essential to prevent organ damage because the bacteria in the plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread to the Kidney, Heart, and liver.  

Dental scaling of dog and cat is just like your regular visits to the dentist. Where your pet’s teeth are thoroughly checked and cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler to remove calculus and invisible plaque or tartar.

Nowadays after awareness, it is noted that non-professional dental scaling (NPDS) for pets is becoming more popular, however, it is a purely cosmetic and Dental scale and Polish which that doesn’t provide any solution against dental problems below the gum line. Anesthesia is essential for a thorough dental exam and should be used for most dental procedures performed on your pet.

Non-professional dental scaling (NPDS), also known as an anesthesia-free procedure. Its gaining popularity with an increasing number of pets owners. It’s popular because of the fear of anesthesia and less expensive procedure. Most of the Dog and Cat owner wants to provide proper oral cate to their pets but due to its complicated procedure and expensiveness, they are choosing NPDS.

Why Anesthesia is Used for Dental Scaling?

It is very true that complete oral examination and cleaning of any pet can’t be accomplished on a pet who is awake.

Anesthesia has several benefits including

  1. Immobilizing your dog or cat to ensure his safety and cooperation during a procedure because it doesn’t know and is stressed about it.
  2. The veterinarian will be able to do a thorough exam of all the surfaces and side of the mouth and the taking of x-rays if required.
  3. It allows for scaling below the gum line where periodontal disease is most common.
  4. It’s good for pain management.
  5. A dog or cat who isn’t sedated will not cooperate for a thorough inspection of his mouth. It’ll definitely move around a lot, and making the use of sharp instruments will be extra dangerous.
  6. If tooth extractions are required, they are out of the question for un-anesthetized pets.

Why Anesthesia-Free Dental scaling is more harmful?

  1. Non-professional dental scaling gives pet owners a false impression about the security state of their dog’s or cat oral health. It is possible to see well-cleaned teeth after NDPS but what you can’t see is actually more important. Problems like tartar buildup below the gum line & Most of the oral disease happens below the visible surfaces of your dog’s or cat’s mouth.
  2. It doesn’t allow for probing of the gums to look for the presence of deepening periodontal pockets or bone destruction resulting from gum disease.
  3. The majority of older dogs undergone anesthesia-free procedures but at that age, multiple extractions may be required which is not possible without sedation.

In Dog clinic and pet shop Bhopal, we have the facility for Dental Scaling, there are certain situations in which I remove plaque and tartar from a pet’s teeth without using anesthesia but each pet and situation is different. Most of the Dogs and Cats need anesthesia to perform proper dental scaling. it’s better to book an appointment before the procedure to discuss the situation and procedure requirements.

Dog and Cat Dental Scaling Cost / Rate – At Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal, we are providing Dental Scaling facility for the last 5 Years. We are providing services at a very low-cost. For a proper checkup and estimated cost of the procedure, it’s better to book an appointment with us along with your dog so that we can check the actual oral condition of your dog before the procedure If required we can take X-Ray also. After that we can discuss the cost of the procedure.