Grooming and Spa

Dog Grooming and Spa is essential for your Pet Fitness

Do you know Dog Spa and Grooming is not a luxury but it is a necessity? Plan regular & professional grooming for your pet does not only make them smell and look great but it is also valuable to their health and fitness. Your dog can greatly benefit from a massage. These include stimulating their circulatory system and eliminating any stressors.

Be aware that your dogs should not smell bad. If your dog is not groomed and bath properly then it will smell bad. Do You Know that dogs do not want to smell bad? So make sure to book an appointment with professional groomers to keep the bad smell away from your dog’s hair and your home. This will result in a happier canine and home. 

Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal have Pet Spa, Nail Trimming & Grooming facility pet spa treatments include aromatherapy. Our pet Groomer has 5 years plus grooming experience. They are trained and have good knowledge of grooming techniques to provide the best quality haircut, brush, and bath.

We are providing safe and gentle grooming in a relaxing atmosphere to your pet. We are aware that our energy has an immediate impact on the pets in our care, so we offer a calm setting where we ignore bad behavior and praise for the good. 

Doing regular grooming of your dog doesn’t just keep him pretty, instead, it keeps him healthy and happy also. Here are five main benefits of professional dog grooming –

  1. Regular grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin of your pet.
  2. Regular nail trims are essential. It helps keep the nails short but also helps reinforce healthy foot structure, the posture of dog, and reduces the risk of infection too.
  3. By regular grooming, your pet will look well and smell good.
  4. Regular visits help in early detection of issues related to ears, skin, teeth, etc.
  5. Regular grooming will reduce the shading and falling of hairs.
  6. It gives Shiny and healthy hair.

Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal is one of the old center providing Dog Grooming services in Bhopal for DOG & Cat SPA and Grooming. For grooming your Dog request you to book appointment so that we can serve you better. We have the latest updated Dog grooming kit/brush or machines along with trained staff for the convenience of your Dog and Cat. 


Q-Are you providing dog grooming at home?

Ans- No, It’s not possible because of limited trained staff and job difficulty.

Q- What is the duration of dog grooming?

Ans- Duration of grooming depends on the breed and the type of service. Kindly enquire about this at the time of booking an appointment.

Q What is dog grooming price/cost?

Ans: Price/cost of grooming depends on the breed and the type of service. Kindly enquire about this at the time of booking an appointment.

Q- Dog & cat grooming in Bhopal & dog spa in Bhopal is similar to Metro cities?

Ans: Yes Services are similar.