Renal management by Dialysis procedure

Hemodialysis in Dog is a very essential procedure for Renal failure / Kidney Injury management. Over a decade lots of veterinary hospitals and universities are providing these services. Despite this, hemodialysis still remains unavailable to most veterinary patients. Dog Clinic and pet shop in Bhopal is proud to have a Hemodialysis facility for dogs in Bhopal. We are providing the facility for the last 4 years under the supervision of expert doctors and staff.

What is Dog Dialysis?

It is the first question of Dog lovers when we advise the need of dialysis to their dog. In normal conditions, kidneys filter blood and remove waste and excess fluid from the body. This waste is sent to the urinary bladder by urethra and waste to be eliminated by the urination process. Dialysis is a treatment that filters and purifies the blood by using a Hemodialysis machine. This helps to keep fluids and electrolytes in balance when the kidneys are not functioning properly.

The equipment used for dialysis in veterinary patients is the same as humans; however, the procedure and protocols have been adapted for dialysis is different because of the small size of kidney in veterinary patients. Dialysis is a sensitive procedure and needs proper attention as well as well-trained Doctor & technical staff.

In veterinary medicine, acute kidney injury / acute Renal failure in Dog is the main indication for hemodialysis. Other reasons are hyperkalemia, oliguria/anuria, and fluid overload, and to provide a healthy life to chronic kidney failure dogs.

Common condition associated with Hemodialysis

Acute Renal Failure / Acute Kidney Injury

Acute Renal Failure/ Acute Kidney Injury is a common condition in which hemodialysis extends the opportunity for renal recovery indefinitely. There is no specific degree of recovery that can be suggested. Most patients presented for hemodialysis for acute kidney failure have been non-responsive to attempted fluid diuresis and medicine. There is a 45-50% survival to discharge on average of dogs and cats treated for acute renal failure with hemodialysis. The prognosis for recovery from acute kidney injury or uremia, however depends on aetiology, the extent of the renal failure condition.


In this condition there is a decline in glomerular filtration. Because of this potassium rapidly accumulates in the body; this level can cause death because of the acute drop in GFR. To provide immediate management; dialysis is the best option. But again its true results may vary according to breed and clinical condition of the dog.


When urine production declines, the patient is at an increased risk of overhydration. In this condition, fluid diuresis will increase the glomerular filtration rate if the patient is dehydrated. Prevention of overhydration with recurrent hemodialysis sessions can prevent overhydration and thus increases the chances of survival.

Dog Hemodialysis Cost – At Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal, we are providing services at very low-cost in spite of that price depends on the clinical condition of Dog. It’s better to book an appointment with us along with your dog for proper evaluation and needful. Hemodialysis is a safe and effective procedure for the management of life-threatening acute renal failure, hyperkalemia, oliguria, fluid overload and the removal of select toxins.