Ultrasonography improves the quality of veterinary diagnosis and care

Ultrasound waves are sound waves that exceed the normal human audible frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hertz. Ultrasonography is the second most common investigation in veterinary practice. It uses ultrasonic sound waves of the frequency range of 1.5–15 MHz to visualize images of body structures based on the pattern of echoes reflected from the tissues and organs being imaged. Diagnostic ultrasound imaging depends on the computerized analysis of reflected ultrasound waves which is commonly called echoes.

When does a Veterinarian use ultrasound? The animal sonography is best-suited for tissues and organs that are fluid-filled. The kidney, liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, lymph nodes and blood vessels of the abdomen can be visualized by doing pet ultrasonography. Veterinary sonography has no side effects, but occasionally mild sedation may be required to help an anxious canine remain still to obtain a clear image or echogenic window.

The best advantage of pet ultrasound is that it is faster and economical than other advanced imaging investigations.

Key benefits of Ultrasound in Veterinary Medicine

  1. It’s a noninvasive procedure.
  2. Usually, it does not require medication or anesthesia.
  3. It’s very reasonable compare to other Imaging investigations.
  4. It can be repeated, such as with each new stage of pregnancy.
  5. It allows us to view the internal organs with greater precision.
  6. The procedure typically doesn’t distress Dogs and Cats.
  7. It is useful in surgical procedures and biopsies.

I am Dr. Mukesh Tiwari working in Bhopal for the last 11 years as a veterinary practitioner. I feel without Animal Sonography, it is very difficult to evaluate pet properly. I am doing Dog and Cat sonography in my Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal, regularly. Ultrasound is especially useful to rule out potential diagnoses such as liver enlargement, bladder stones in a urinary tract infection, etc. It is also used for fine-needle aspirates, which are small biopsies of organs or masses.

I have imported a veterinary sonography machine in my Clinic “Dog Clinic and pet Shop, Kolar Road in Bhopal. The machine is dedicated to veterinary services and parameters. It’s a big investment I did for the betterment of facilities and services to make diagnosis easy and effective.

Most of the time pets owners are asking me about Dog Sonography cost. I would like to say it’s very reasonable in my Dog Clinic and Pet Shop Bhopal compare to the investment I did for the facility. Book an appointment and let’s discuss further.