A Must-Read Guide for Pet Parents: 5 Unexpected Advantages of Microchipping Your Dog in India

microchip for dogs india

If your dog gets lost, having it microchipped gives you a safe and reliable way to find it. It means putting a small chip under your dog’s skin that has a number that can be read by a scanner. In this tutorial, we will talk about the unexpected benefits of having your dog microchipped in India.

Advantage #1: Recognition and Recovery

In India, microchipping is a practical method for locating and identifying missing pets. A recent study found that more than 1,000 dogs disappear each day in India, many of which never return to their owners. Microchipping can assist in reversing it. If your dog becomes lost, having a microchip increases the likelihood that it will be found and brought back to you. Unlike collars or tags, microchips are tamper-proof and are implanted for the duration of your dog’s life.

Advantage #2: Security and safety

In India, microchipping your dog may also improve its security and safety. Dogs are often stolen to be used in illicit dog fights or for breeding. Due to their difficulty in removal and ability to aid authorities in identifying stolen pets, microchips may help prevent theft. Also, if your dog is hurt or engaged in an emergency, first responders may easily identify it thanks to its microchip and get in touch with you.

Advantage #3: Economical

A cost-effective method of identifying your dog is via microchipping. The price of a collar or tag is often more than the cost of microchipping your dog in India. Also, before a dog can be adopted, many animal shelters and rescue groups demand that it has a microchip, so microchipping your dog might ultimately save you money.

Advantages #4 : Health

Your dog’s health may benefit from microchipping in India. Several microchip providers also provide other services like monitoring immunisations and medical data. This may help guarantee that your dog gets the necessary medical attention. The microchip in your dog may also inform first responders of any allergies or medical conditions your dog may have

Advantage #5: Legal Prerequisites

Dog owners in India are required to register their animals with their local municipality. The use of microchipping by dog owners may satisfy the legal requirement. Also, if your dog attacks someone or is involved in an accident, the police may be able to locate you thanks to its microchip.

How to Microchip Your Dog in India

You may have your dog microchipped in India by contacting your neighborhood clinic or animal shelter. The microchipping procedure may be performed during a routine visit to the veterinarian and is fast and painless. In order for the microchip provider to get in touch with you if your dog becomes lost, make sure to keep your contact information up-to-date.


Increased identification and retrieval, safety and security, cost-effectiveness, health benefits, and legal compliance are just a few advantages of microchipping your dog in India. It is a quick and easy process that may provide you and your pet with peace of mind. To protect their safety and wellbeing, we urge all dog owners in India to think about microchipping their canine companion.

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